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20 November 2017 10:43 - Damar

[English]Mobile Legends Bang Bang Hero Specialty Explanation

[English]Mobile Legends Bang Bang Hero Specialty Explanation

Every MOBA game must have a system role on hero-hero. However, not all MOBA have this one thing. This is certainly there in Mobile Legends. Its name is, Specialty!

Specialty is a special ability of a hero's skill. To make it easier to understand, Specialty is the most prominent aspect of a hero.

Specialty also allows you to choose the right hero loh. For example, you want to use hero that can move quickly, then you should choose hero with the specialty Charge.

Oh yes, lets us take a peek first about any kinds of specialty that exist in Mobile Legends.

Specialty Kinds

1. Charge

Heroes with specialty Charge are those who have the skills that make it easier for them to move from one place to another quickly. Usually these skills are useful for initiation, pursuit of the enemy, or to escape.

Examples of heroes with specialty Charge are Natalia, Lancelot, Karina, Zilong, Alucard, and many more.


2. Burst Damage

You looking for a really painful hero? Look for heroes with the Burst Damage specialty. Why? Because they can inflict enormous damage in a short time. 

Unfortunately, they are less able to do 1 versus 1 with heroes like Roger, Alucard, or Fanny. The reason is that they can not do damage constantly, and they will run out of skills before their opponent dies.

Burst Damage is also the opposite of Sustain Damage. Burst Damage is usually also found with heroes who have nuke skills. While Sustain Damage is usually owned by heroes with high Speed ​​Attack or Low Cooldown.

Examples of heroes with the Burst Damage specialty include Karrie, Aurora, Odette, Lancelot, Freya, and others.

3. Damage

There are enough players who are difficult to distinguish between the Damage specialty and the Burst Damage. Hero with Damage specialty, can provide continuous damage even though the damage is not quite big enough. It would be easier if we call it as continuous or sustain damage.

Hero-hero with Specialty is very superior at laning phase, let alone to hero melee. The reason is because they can continue to repay their opponents non-stop.

Examples of heroes with Damage specialty are Eudora, Cyclops, Harley, Hilda, Gord, and so on.


4. Push

If you guys have a lot of heroes with Push specials on the team, then surely the enemy turret can be destroyed quickly. As the name implies (push = push), hero with this specialty can push the lane quickly.

Skill-owned skills are also prioritized to wipe the minion in the lane, as well as to destroy the opponent's turret. As an example, Moskov has a skillpasif which makes it easy to tidy up the minions on the lane.

Hero that has this specialty is Bane, Lolita, Sun, and Moskov.


5. Reap

Suitable for its name, the hero with this specialty is devoted to killing. Actually not just kill, but beat all opponents without the rest. Wuiih, spooky! Or it could be said that the clever hero-nyolong kill.

One of the uniqueness of Reap is their ultimate far enough distance. Like the ultimate of Layla, Yi Sun-shin, and Eudora. Thus, this Reap can finish off a blurred enemy. Hero with Reap can also be very deadly if it already has good items.

Heroes with this specialty are mostly Marksman, for example, Layla, Miya, Yi Sun-shin, Irithel, and Bruno.


6. Regen

Without hero with Regen's specialty in Mobile Legends, there must be something missing. Because, this Regen specialty can regenerate HP through its skill. No need to bother taking a Healing Spell battle spell!

Well, usually this Regen specialty owned by hero Support and also Tank. In Support, their job is to keep their team members short of HP. In Tank, their job is as the front man at the time of teamfight so it requires sufficient HP regeneration.

The heroes are Rafaela, Estes, Hilda, Balmond, Alice, and others.


7. Poke

Specialty Poke, whose original name is Cost, actually has something in common with the Damage specialty. They can repay the hero of the opponent with their skill-skills. However, Poke can more often spam their skills than with Damage. Cooldown on his skill-skills was spelled out faster, so effective and efficient it feels really.

Wow, do not you imagine if there is a hero with a combined Damage and Poke combined? Here are some examples of Poke hero specialty that you can try, like Cyclops, Vexana, Harley, Odette, Clint, and others.


8. Crowd Control

Hero with this specialty ya must be in every game, that is the Crowd Control specialty. Characteristics of Crowd Control of course with skill-skill they have stun and disable. Assist you are guaranteed a lot when wearing hero with this specialty.

Just like Regen, the Support and Tank roles are usually the Crowd Control. Because it is feasible and proper they help Mage, Marksman and Assassin to get the kill and win the game.

Hero with specialty Crowd Control is pretty much you know, like Nana, Akai, Balmond, Ruby, Alucard, Johnson, Tigreal, and others.

9. Initiator

For those of you who do not know yet, this Initiator was once called Engage. Maybe to look more cool, his name was changed into the Initiator. Because his name is cool, his job is also not less cool.

Their job is to create teamfight by drawing enemies into their team area. Let not confused, for example like Franco with his hook, Zilong by pulling the enemy back, or Tigreal pushing the enemy back.

Examples of Initiators other than those mentioned above are Johnson and Gatotkaca.

Thats it. the 9 specialty in Mobile Legends. From the explanation above, what kind of specialty do you like? Our explanation is less clear? Write your answers or comments below ya!


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